Coach Chris Q & A.


Why is catch wrestling your favourite grappling art?

Catch wrestling is my favourite grappling art for numerous reasons,

1- I love the no holds barred rule set. I feel this no holds barred all in rule set really separates the men from the boys. Catch allows all finishing holds including the most ferocious neck cranks, face locks, spine locks, heel hooks, toe holds, knee bars and sleeper holds. A lot of these techniques are banned and deemed as too dangerous in other combat sports.

2- I am also a huge fan of the pin. I find grappling without either a pin or strikes to be boring. The pin creates a sense of urgency and excitement as well as opening up a plethora of finishing holds. Here at LPW we use a three second pin. Both shoulders must be pinned to the mat. The precursor to catch, Irish Collar & Elbow used a four point pin where both hips and shoulders had to be pinned to the mat. We use this rule set a lot in training and have found our wrestlers pinning game has hugely benefited from doing so.

3- I also love how the catch wrestling rule set has no point scoring. Winning is entirely in the hands of the wrestlers. No biased judges or referees decisions, all matches are won via pin or finishing hold. If there are no pins or finishing holds applied then the match is declared a draw.

4- Another reason for my love of Catch Wrestling is that catch has no belt or ranking system. I feel the mat is an honest place and the best wrestler on the day will always prevail. I find that in a lot of systems people chases attaining a new belt rather than acquiring skills and experience. I feel this lack of pecking order creates a sense of unity and respect among catch wrestlers regardless of experience.

5- In my opinion catch wrestling is the toughest of all the grappling systems. I feel that all catch wrestling practitioners will gain an enormous amount of attributes when on the mat undertaking gruelling sessions. These attributes can then be put to good use in everyday life. Attributes such as, resilience, mental toughness,leadership, fighting spirit, positive self esteem, and the ability to overcome disappointment and hardship.