Chris Crossan


Chris Crossan was introduced to Catch Wrestling by Sifu Mick Shore in 2005, since then he has competed in the USA winning the Billy Riley Trophy, and represented the UK in the USA vs The World tournament hosted by the Catch Wrestling Alliance. He is the current LPW UK Heavyweight Catch Wrestling Champion, and the Reigning King in the UK Open Wrestling Booth. He hosted the first UK Scientific Wrestling Seminar under the legendary Billy Robinson. As if that wasn’t enough Chris is also a Black Belt in Brazillian Ju Jitsu with multiple European Titles to his name. He is a Black Belt Kickboxer, A Jun Fan/JKD Grappling Association Apprentice Instructor, A Self Protection Instructor under Geoff Thompson, A Brown Belt in Judo, and is currently training under Georgi Georgiev for the UK Sambo Championships. Chris has competed in Amateur Boxing, Judo, Weapons, BJJ, Luta Livre, MMA, Catch Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling & Sumo, and is currently studying for a BSc in Sports Coaching